Daniel Durning
is a designer and professional production artist for many film, video, animation, and multimedia companies. Since 1984 he has worked on numerous high-end commercial projects including an Oscar nominated film "Fried Green Tomatoes" and a variety of internet websites including "Oncology Online" the 1995 web based project for Bristol Meyers.

As a 3D animation he worked at Manhattan Center Studios where he managed projects for a number of 3D film, video and interactive projects for clients such as American Heritage, The Franklin Institute, Bryon Preiss Interactive, The Sci-Fi Channel and Disney Interactive

Selected Professional Productions:

2001- Curent:
Owner Fantastic Image LLC Advertising & Interactive Design firm.

Clients include Savemor Print, BlueStar Brother, Dolor-Tack RX, Keystone Props, Gallusha's Adirondacks, CarverDigital, Sculpture 3D Conference, Red Hook International Film and Video Festival.

Producer & Festival Organizer, Red Hook International Film and Video Festival.

Producer & Host, Art & Technology interviews sound and visual artists
first aired on WPS1 July 20, 2004 , currently airs on Clocktower.org

2001 - 2009
Freelance Designer and Consultant,
Specializing in Presentation,Video, 3D Animation, and Web Design.

Project Development & Interactive Design,
for clients Dolor-Tack RX, Keystone Props, Gallusha's Adirondacks, CarverDigital, Sculpture 3D Conference, BWAC Arts Organization, NYC ACM SIGGRAPH

Project Developer& Festival Organizer, MetroCAF Animation Festival, Red Hook International Film and Video Festival.

1999 - 2000
Project Director, Designer, Artist, “Emotional Intelligence Skills Workshop: Understanding Non-Verbal Communication”. Graduate Courseware and professional training CD-ROM developed for Carol Magai, Research Study funded by NYS Department of Health.

1998 -1999
Web Designer for Directrix Inc. Project designer and Graphic Artist for corporate web site www.directrix.com. Designer and artist for early streaming video Online Broadcast site for the National Cable Television Association.

1995 - 1997
Animator and Production manager for Manhattan Center Studios. Projects included 3D Animation for Broadcast and Interactive Titles. Creative Director for American Heritage “TimeTours”. Production Designer for Disney Interactive’s “Aladdin’s Math Quest”. Scene Design & Animation “The Adventures of ZAK” and “NEMO 3000”. Project Manager Director “CYMBLE Project”, Franklin Institute. Director /Designer/Animator "Tales from Biond" Biond Fury Center.

1994 - 1995
Graphic Designer & 3D Graphic Artist for Visual Services International. World Wide Web projects for Bristol Meyer’s “Oncology On-line” Web Site. Multimedia Artist and Animator for corporate presentations Clients include Chase Manhattan, GE Capital, TIAA, Rawlings, IBM.

Freelance 3D animator, 3D modeling and digital imaging. Projects included: 3D animation for broadcast commercials for Jonathan Herbert, Inc. 3D computer graphics for corporate presentations for Diotima Research Corp. Presentations for clients such as Merril Lynch and Squibb. Production Designer, SFX Director and Animator, for animated trailer for the Cineplex Odeon Worldwide Plaza Theater.

1992 -1993
Broadcast Designer and Director, Special Projects Videos, MFA Computer Arts, School of Visual Arts. Projects included “ Trip 92” , “Liberty Project” and “Remote Distance Education”. SFX Director, “Gahan Wilson’s Ultimate Haunted House” Interactive Title, Byron Preiss Multimedia.

1988- 1992
Set design and construction for video and film. Films included “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “Maniac Cop II”.

1982 -1988
Installation Designer and Fabricator of Environmental Installations and specialty displays for night clubs such as Area, Mud Club, Club Berlin.

Window Displays for NYC Boutiques and Specialty Exhibition Designs for the Bronx Zoo and Canal Jeans working with Designer Stan Peskett.

Production List:

Current: Producer and Host
“Art and Technology” discussions with visual and sound artists.,
Radio interview Program, Developed for WPS1/MOMA, now on Clocktower.org

2009 Animator /Technical Director:
“Grafton Ave. Recreation Center”, 3D Presentation, Newark Housing Authority, NJ

2008 Web designer / Project designer,
“www.BigCityProps.com”, BigCityProps, NY, NY.

2008 Web designer / Project designer,
“www.KeystonePropsllc.com”, Keystone Props LLC, PA.

2007 Web designer / Project developer,
Dolor-Tack RX, “www.dolartack.com”, Herbal Vitamins, NY

2003 Web designer / Project designer,
“www.OasisSanctuary.org”, Oasis Animal Sanctuary , NY

2002 Web designer / Project designer,
“www.Galushas.com” Gallusha’s Cottages, Adirondacks, NY

2000: Project developer / Graphic Designer
Graduate Courseware and professional training CD-ROM
“Emotional Intelligence Skills Workshop: Understanding Non-Verbal Communication”
Developed by Dr. Carol Magai.
Research Study funded by NYS Department of Health.

1999 Web designer / Project designer
“ www.directrix.com” Directrix Inc.

1999 Web designer
First Online Broadcast site for National Cable Television Association. Directrix Inc.

1998 Web Developer Graphic/ Interface designer
Online Broadcast site Directrix Inc.

1997 Director/ Project designer/ 3D Animator:
“Biond The Biond”,
Biond Fury animated promotional presentation, Manhattan Center Studios.

1997 Project manager / Technical Director /Project designer/
“CYMBLE “ Interactive Navigational web based Project ,
Manhattan Center Studios for the Franklin Institute.

1997 Production Designer/ Production design
“Alladin’s Math Quest” Interactive CD ROM.
Manhattan Center Studios for Disney Studios’

1996 3D Animator /Scene Designer:
“The Adventures of ZAK”
animated trailer, Manhattan Center Studios.

1996 3D Animator /Scene Designer: “NEMO3000” animated trailer, Manhattan Center Studios.

1996 Project Manager/ 3D graphics
American Heritage’s “Time Tours”
CD ROM for Bryon Preiss Multimedia.

1995 Project Designer & Web Developer:
Bristol Meyer’s “Oncology On-line” Web Site,
for Visual Services International.

1994 Director/ Producer/ Animator:
“The Times Square Project”
3D navigable environment, interactive presentation.

1994 Technical Director/ Animator:
3D trailer for Cineplex Odeon Theaters, Sonya Shannon,Dir.

Video Special Effects
for “Gahan Wilson’s Ultimate Haunted House”,
interactive title for Byron Preiss. Bill Nelson, Developer.

1993 Director and Videographer
:”Art on the Airwaves”,
publicity documentary, School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art Department.

1992 Director and Videographer:
“Liberty Project”, video documentary, School of Visual Arts.

1992 Director and Videographer:
“ISDN Trip’92/ Digital Jambalaya”.
Digital conference documentary
for School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art Department.

1991 Carpenter/Set Painter/Swing Man:
“Fried Green Tomatoes”, (Oscar Nominated feature film)
John Avnet, Director, FGT Productions.

1990 Set Construction Supervisor:
“Little Noises”, Monumental Pictures. Jan Spencer, Director.

1990 Set Carpenter :
“Bug House”, episode of Monsters
Fox Television, Eric McGinty, Director. Laurel Productions.

1990 Construction Supervisor/ Lead Carpenter
:“Thank You and Good Night”,
American Playhouse, Red Wagon Films.

1989 Construction Supervisor/ Lead Carpenter:
“Maniac Cop II” ,(feature film)
William Lustig, Director.
Cordell Productions.

1989 Construction Supervisor/Lead Carpenter:
“Lifetime Television”,
Karen Katz, Director, Jam Films.

1989 Construction Supervisor/ Lead Set Carpenter:
“A&W Root Beer”,
Josh Blum, Director. Ray Simon Inc.

1989 Construction Supervisor/ Lead Set Carpenter:
“Wizard”, IBM l. Martin Reskin, Director.

Special Prop Design/ Set Construction:
Kevin Curren, Director. Flock Theater Co.

1988 Set Design/ Construction Supervisor
“I wasn’t born Yesterday”,
Daryl Hall Music Video.
Matt Forest, Director. MGMM Production Company.

1984 - 1988 Set Design/ Construction
“Area Night Club” , Goode Family Productions.

1982-1983 Set Design/ Construction
“Romeo and The Dashing Internationals”
DeSilva Productions, Flick Ford Director

1976 Cell Animation Color Artist
“Isabella and the Magic Brush”,
Barbara Dourmashkin Director, Filmfair Communications.

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